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Williams and J Bookkeeping

2004 around February in Southern California. Tax season was in full bloom and the lines where long. My family and I could only get to the local tax filing place after work, which was 6 pm. Rushing to make it before the doors close. With documents disarray and fussy kids who were ready to leave.

I got this great idea to learn how to prepare and file my own taxes. After much research I found myself learning about all corners of finances. I decided to continue my education and pass it on to anyone who would listen. That didn't work. So then I started a self employed business. I would bring my services to the people since the people would not ask for it. I would charge a flat rate instead of all those hidden fees. I would do a budget review and offer savings options. Once my references marketed my services as being MOBILE and after usual business hours, the customers came rolling in. Have the services you need come to you or work remotley. I have been keeping my company a float with just word of mouth. But now I have increased my financial knowledge and would like to reach more people faster. Each year we double are clientele.

Our Team
Jonathan Williams,
CEO and Manager | Phone: 682-552-9681

Working with the company that prides its self on helping others has been great. Great customer service and flexible billing is the key. Managing these two operations is what keeps us busy!

Ms. Jones,
Billing clerk and Executive Assistant | Phone: 682-552-9681

Jenene Williams,
Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer | Phone: 682-552-9681

 It was a great idea to give back to our community through financial assistance. So many of us don't know our rights has renters, employees, residents, students, etc. Well I research and train monthly on changing polices and tax laws so you don't have to.

Family comes first, my job is my love of numbers and my passion is to help others. 

Organization is the key. I am here to make sure communication is not lost between Williams and J Bookkeeping and the customer. Updates are always available as well as Q & A on any financial or tax topic throughout the year. Full service is what this company delivers.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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Fort Worth, TX 76119


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